Moose Pickles - Spicy Pickled Asparagus (2-Pack)

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Spicy and crunchy. Don't underestimate the SPICY. The reason we got into this business was because we like 'em HOT!  Just remember, the longer they sit... the hotter they get! We use a mix of spices and four - count em - four different hot peppers to create what a tour de force of spice.  

Fun fact: pickled asparagus were our first product and got this whole thing started.

All Natural Ingredients: asparagus, white vinegar, water, fresh red pepper, jalapeno pepper, carrot, Serrano pepper, dill seed, garlic, salt, habanero pepper, whole black pepper, dried red pepper. 

Partners in Brine: bloody marys, sandos, pasta salad, or just a fork and your mouth.