Boo Boo's Chunky Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies (6-Pack)

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For the first time ever, Boo Boo's Cookies are now available. We've got a limited supply so get them while you can.

Made by the Pickle Queen herself, AKA Boo Boo, these cookies are packed with oats and oh so hearty and oh so delicious.

What you get: 6 cookies in a bag



Oats, Wheat Flour, Brown Sugar, Chocolate Chips, Butter, White Sugar, Eggs, Vanilla, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Salt,

Contains: Wheat, milk, eggs


Don't believe us? Ask her unbiased family.


"Boo Boo's cookies give me energy after a long hike, bike ride or Zoom call."

- Chad, oldest son


"Boo Boo's cookies make me forget that there is a pandemic happening and that Trump is our president."

- Megan, daughter-in-law


"Boo Boo's cookies will pump you up."

- Avery, granddaughter


"Boo Boo's cookies will plump you up."

- Dave, husband